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Realtime Multiplayer Games


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EasyWin Games is a mobile games platform which offers premium real time multiplayer and interactive games. On EasyWin, players get to bid to play against each other, chat and most of all get real life rewards for their winnings (airtime and more).

Redeem Coins as Airtime:

Got more Bidcoins from various game wins? No worries here is the big one, you can redeem them to airtime and use for calls, text & buy data etc. Can it get any better? The answer is YES.

Real-time Multiplayer:

Get to have fun playing with your friends and loved ones anytime, anywhere and on the go. If none of your friends are free, no worries, hit random player and get matched to challenge anyone online.

Referral Bonus:

Invite your friends and family to download the Easywin games App, play the games and get bonus coins for each successful download and subscription by those invited by you. More so, bonus coins can be redeemed as airtime.

Free Games:

Yes, they are free! You can download and play the free single players games in and out of your subscription bundle with limited Ads. No stopping your fun when you can’t subscribe immediately.

Chat to Play:

Invite your friends to a game play by a simple in game chat with your favorite listed friends and loved ones. Poke those offline to get their attention and start a game.

Peer to Peer in Game Bidding:

Get bidcoins, stake coins and challenge your friends in a winner takes all duel. And if you don’t feel like bidding? No worries just select 0 coins, play & enjoy.


EasyWin Games is a premium realtime multiplayer game that allows you to bid to play for virtual coins which are redeemable as airtime to Text, Call & Buy Data. It Features Five Games – WHOT BASH, MISSION LUDO, DRAUGHTS KING, QUIZ SCHOLAR AND BOTTLE SMASH

Draughts Kings

Get to Rule the World of Draughts: win duels, socialise and win rewards during game plays.

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Bottle Smash

Swipe and match your way through hundreds of fun levels in this bottle puzzle adventure.

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Quiz Scholar

Have fun challenging your friends and loved ones in an insightful quiz game in any topic.

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Whot Bash

Get to play your favorite Whot Bash game with your friends on the go.

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Mission Ludo

Catch all the feel of a navy war in this specially styled Ludo game.

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1. Install, Invite Friends, Play and Win Airtime.
2. Have fun with your friends & family anytime, anywhere.
3. Bid coins & challenge your friends in a winner takes all duel.
4. Good News, coins won can be redeemed as airtime.
5. For every friend, family you invite you get bonus coins when they successfully download and subscribe.

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